Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Winter Blues

Man this Winter really sucks!
I've been under the weather off and on for the last two months (steadily ill since Christmas) so I haven't had a chance to do much modeling.
And the weather here in NYC hasn't been very cooperative either.
Just last night we got about 18-22 inches of snow. I've spent most of the morning digging out my car so I can go to work this evening (gotta be able to pay for all those kits I'm getting).
So, it looks like January will go by without a build.

On to another subject: 
Adding video to this blog.
I've been considering adding video to this blog.
I figured it would be cool to have a channel on YouTube and post some videos and commentary here and there.
So, to that effect I went out and got m a fancy HG video camera, video editing software and stuff.
Been trying things out and ran into a few problems. Mainly, my desktop computer (as well as my laptop) don't have enough power to handle such large files (HD).  So I'll have to make do with lesser quality videos (it sucks) until I can afford some new hardware.
On that note I want to thank Dreamknight and Phil Flory for their help and guidance in this video project.
Dreamknight has several channels on YouTube that deal with scale modeling, wargaming and role playing games. Cool stuff, check it out:




Phil owns and operates a subscription website dedicated to teaching different aspects and techniques of model building.  This site is (IMHO) the best site on the Internet at this time.
Weekly videos on model building and other fun stuff.
I highly recommend it.

That's it for now.
Maybe next time I'll have an actual build to show.
Meanwhile......go build a model!